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Saturday, January 06, 2018
36618517No. of pages : 165
Published on : November 22, 2017
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My review

You came like hope is an intense, emotional rollercoaster ride. This is a love story of two sensitive people .I will not say you must read this book for I found this novel very rewarding to my soul but I will say if you read it you will learn something about how misfortunes can make people life hell. I dedicate this review to all those innocent souls who consider themselves as unlcuky. I got myself immersed in the characters that felt so real.

I can guarantee whoever buys this novel will never be disappointed . One will be surprised to find as if they have met such characters in real. Take Rajni for example.She is the relative of the main protagonists Adih(hero) and Peehu(heroine) who wants them to end up together.

Adih lives next to Rajni's house, she is also his only relative who doesn't believe in a tale woven by a ruthless woman unfortunately all his other relatives do. Although Peehu has heard ugly gossips about Adih's family (no matter what her mother says), this doesn't give her enough reasons to stop herself from getting close to his daughter, Mani or him.

Handsome men with a sick daughter and a very ugly past is sure to drive anybody frown. It happens, isn't it?Sorry, Peehu is not one of them.. Circumstances force her to pretend like her dead sister who was a perfect daughter whereas she was a failure. She fools everyone, including her parents.

We don't know what fate has in store for each of us. Any minute our story can turn for the good or the bad. Life is full of surprises. Peehu is mistaken for a tutor by Mani while she passes by her house. As the tutor who agreed to teach Mani changed her plans at the last minute, due to her sweet pestering, Peehu agrees to help her with the Math test. When Adih comes home, he scolds his daughter for letting a stranger inside their house but soon when he learns Peehu is none other his distant relative, he cools down.

Adih's beautiful family was ruined by an evil, rich woman who married his brother to take revenge on him for rejecting her. Will he let his guard down and allow Peehu melt his heart and prove she is not like Pooja? Yes, he does in the climax but God, I must say I felt irritated and frustrated how he kept on pushing Peehu until the end and doesn't really confess his feelings even when she was being polite and asked him lovingly that Uday, his twin, Pakhi's lover proposed to her and what he wants her to say to him.

The author has done justice to his character. She is absolutely right about the fact that people who don't have anybody to lean on to break into happy tears even at the slightest gesture of smile by a stranger, in this case Peehu for whom he has deep feelings but acts like he doesn't really care about her even a tidbit. Well played. I felt saddend by it and at the same time wanted to slap him and coerce him to kiss Peehu and tell her how much he wants her in their life. Uday was always a jerk and will be a jerk. Men like him want only perfect girls and Peehu knows it too. She looks like Pakhi. That's all.

Well, in a country like India where most women learn about their husbands only after marriage, this is definitely not a shocker. Isn't it? Peehu's parents are right. They are also like any other parents putting their faith blindly on a gossip and telling their girls not to talk to some people based on what they heard. It's completely natural.

Coming to Pooja's character, deep down we all know such girls who will do anything for their physical pleasures and happiness and spoil another person's life. But how can such souls live happily without feeling guilty at all with no shame?This is a mystery to me. When Adih told Peehu, Pooja wants what you want, I felt a sharp pain in my heart.

You may be unlucky now but if you make it to the end, it accounts for victory, am I right?You my be sick like Mani or accused falsely for something you did not do or insulted and criticized repeatedly but what matters is you are truly desired by someone who will do anything to make you smile just like Adih, Mani, Peehu and of course Rajni didi.

Life is hard for Adih and Peehu even after four years has passed and they now have a daughter named Prisha as a symbol of their love as Mani has medical issues but they are the luckiest people on earth. Do you know why?because they are the humblest and noblest people even when others say otherwise. The author has captured my heart. Will I be reading this book again?You bet I do.

This is a realistic story but the twin sisters plot alone didn't click with me yet I admire the author for making it work. She has written this novel really too well. Thanks to her for giving me a free copy.

My rating : 5/5
Tuesday, December 12, 2017
No. of pages : 30
Publisher : Global wicca
Pubished on : June 18th 2015
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My review 

The Goddess speaks- Unlimited healing for everyone and everything energized my soul. I urge everyone buy this small book because of its wonderful content. We all desire a world where there is mutual harmony. Is it not? It is highly possible when you read the book you are taken to a world of endless good.  The lines that I liked more are as follows.

Whatever be the past, all is forgiven, all is healed, absolutely, deeply and unconditionally, forever and ever.

No longer do I desire to be superior to anyone, at a physical, social, economic, intellectual or spiritual level.

My love does not allow me to ever hurt, harm or possess anyone.

My cauldron of prosperity forever generates unlimited amount of goodness for all.

Rating : 5/5

Verdict : Author Swati Prakash has profound knowledge and infinite talent. I am glad she used this for greater good.
No.of pages : 200
Published on : January 1st 2017
Publisher : The positivee media
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My review 

First and foremost, I congratulate author Swati Prakash for writing this amazing book and second, I thank her for 
providing me a free copy. It would be a shame if I say I didn’t like the book. In fact, I just loved everything about the book. How can anyone not fall with it after reading the very impressive preface? A sample below.

What does the world need today? Peace, happiness, love, prosperity, clean environment, greenery, freedom with responsibility, positive applications of science and technology, better management of resources, safety and non-violence, not just for humans but everyone on earth. And to achieve these goals no amount of charity or monetary progress will suffice, unless we evolve spiritually first.

There are seven chapters. We learn about magick, witchcraft, science, spirituality, superstitious beliefs, energy, psychic power, paganism, harming none, self defence, global rights, myths, sexuality, five elements, intuition, and so on. As much as I enjoyed reading, I liked thinking what I read.

All the exercises in the book are laid out beautifully and they are simple and easy to follow. My favorite chapter is ‘Harming none’ and ‘Banishing the negative’. What is really important and why is it necessary to invest our time to create a new world where there is no jealousy, false pride, any other negative attitude that hinders positive growth. This forms the crux of the 200 pages book. I hope I got it correct.

I appreciate the author’s effort for presenting the book in a way even a layman can understand the lesson that is being told. Having faith in God or science is all okay but does it blind us so bad it makes us egoistic. It’s as if there is a big competition going on for proving who is right.

There are three kinds of people in this world. One, believers of God. Two, believers of science. Three, believers of spirituality. There is no price for guessing which one, the really wise must choose. If you are going to buy the book, always keep an open mind.

I must mention there are certain things which some may not agree. For example, the morally right behavior is harming none including animals because the universe belongs to all living beings. Hence for our own pleasure we cannot simply kill and eat animals. Does feelings is limited to only humans? Don’t these animals experience pain too when harmed both physically and mentally?

Be prepared to find countless truths and solutions to live a satisfied life. Once again, I congratulate the author for writing a meaningful book. 


Real spiritual healers or guides will always teach you the ways to go deeper in your journey.

Projective psychic power or magickal powers such as healing, wish granting, blessing and protection are also real.

We can have many lifetimes depending on how long we take to fulfil our soul-purpose.

We aim to help people question their deep seated beliefs to figure out which of those beliefs are truly useful and worth holding as you go forward.

Modern spiritual believers feel that the destiny of the world is a greatly positive one.

Being overly attached to people and things that are not right for us can sometimes prevent us in manifesting our best.

Celebrations and fun should be a consistent part of your daily life.

Rating : 4.5/5
Wednesday, December 14, 2016
No.of pages : 200
Publisher : Patridge  India
Published on :August 18, 2016
Genre :Self-help , Fiction
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My review

This book is one of the best I have read so far in 2016. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t say this usually. Author Satyadeep is someone who knows what the voracious readers of today want. Satyadeep ventured into writing with a strong story plot that not only grabs the interest of the readers throughout the story but also manages to educate the readers. The allegorical expedition: A quest for truth is a wonderful read. I liked the flow of the novel and how it encourages those who read the book to know the story of Satyajit, a top notch film director in Bollywood.

The novel revolves around Satyajit alias SJ. He has given many blockbuster movies and is confused and stressed out because he doesn’t know what kind of film to direct next to remain permanently in the hearts of the people who watch his movies.This makes him nervous and take solace in all the wrong places. He is not able to differentiate between the people who truly care for him and who don’t. He learns his mistakes very soon.

He hurts Maaya his long time girlfriend or say childhood friend in the process but soon these two make up. Satyajit has selected a script that was shortlisted by Maaya and he needs to do some thorough research on the topic. Without Maaya’s support, it cannot be possible. He confesses his love for her and promises her once he finishes his dream project, he will settle down with her. Maaya agrees to this. This is just the beginning of the story.

This novel is like a spiritual movie. You get to know many things you didn’t know before. Being on a spiritual mission is the quest for truth. We have all been to temples, churches, etc but this novel gives a feeling as if we are experiencing the oneness of body and mind when traveling with Satyajit.One question leads to another question. We all believe civilization of other countries but why not our own ancient civilization? This is said by Rai and Dharma.

I have to add some inputs here. Even if we believe our ancient civilization and how it all existed and how Rameshwaram was named, I wanted to know how languages of all countries came into existence. This was bugging me so much from the beginning. The languages we speak are picture perfect. Nobody can argue with it. Who created all these?I want answers to these questions more than Satyajit getting the approval from Teja alias Dharma’s book and clarify his doubts. The rest of the book also triggered so many thoughts but gave a serene feeling. 

What we learn through this book? Did Satyajit find what he wanted? Whom he did he meet and why and how? Did he get answers to all throbbing questions he had? What did he learn after the allegorical expedition? What truth did he find out and how it served him well to produce his movie? 

Let me be frank. The novel is unpredictable You experience peace of mind through this novel. Each and everyone must read the book and gain wisdom. All those who are looking for a fiction novel that stands out amid other novels must buy this book. I am sure you will be benefited.Some notable characters other than the main protagonist, Rai, Dharma in the book are panditji and Shantilatha. The novel ends with a cliffhanger. I sincerely hope there is a sequel and wish that the author clarifies my doubt in his second book.

Rating 4/5 

Disclaimer I won a review copy from The Tales Pensieve as part of Reviewers Programme. Register on #TTP for lots of #book fun and activities.

Friday, December 09, 2016
No.of pages : 98
Publisher : Notion Press
Published on : October 23, 2016
Genre : General fiction
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My review

Who loves losing their dignity for a sake of living?Who loves working as a sex slave? Who loves to pass on their job as a sex slave to their next generation?No one. All sex slaves are mothers after all.

This novel is about Ramya and her daughter Aparajita. Ramya who lost her husband in an accident was pushed into flesh trade by her husband’s friend, Anjum who was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She was barely 15 when she got married NOW what work will she get? She doesn’t have common sense. She trusted Anjum so much that she came to New Delhi to start her life from scratch. But what to do when the reality was different.

So when an opportunity to ditch being a sex worker is offered who would deny?That’s why Ramya marries Raj, an artist who works for an NGO. Ramya has only one goal that drove her to marry Raj which is to make her talented daughter study in a proper school . She will do anything to protect her daughter from the evil eyes of the pimps.

I accept the fact that the author has done a fantastic job in writing the intriguing story(it did really engross me) sometimes it lacks sense in many areas or should I say the cruel deed of the NGO. Why did they save only Ramya and her daughter? There are many sex workers like them. There is Lucy who is around twenty years of age.

In India, this is the problem.Why the cops remain silent towards this injustice is an another question that needs pondering. Don’t these cops have daughters too. In many cases, they know the places where these sex slaves are being kept, then why don’t they act humane or are they regular customers at these places? Half yes, Half no. The pimps in order to enjoy a lavish lifestyle, they sell innocent girls as below as age 12. This is so horrifying. Think about the terrified girls. What are the cops doing while they have given their jobs to the NGO's? The Indian cops should be ashamed and give their salary to the NGO.

In the story, what Priya and Raj should have done is alert the good cops and rescue the young girls, save all of them if not some of them. They shouldn’t have done what they did. This will boost the spirit of the pimps even more that they will kidnap more and more helpless young girls. A mistake done cannot be erased. Honestly, I didn’t like the first half but I loved the second half. To be truthful, I loved everything in the second half. It is full of positivity.The letter Aparajita wrote to her step father was beautiful. It is very rare to find a person like her stepfather these days.

Aparajita was a bold and brilliant girl not shying away when Tanmay asked whether what he heard about her mother was true.The first half was narrated by Ramya, Aparajita's mother while the second half was narrated by Aparajita. The title' The princess of a whorehouse-The story of a swamp lotus' is apt for the novel.

My verdict

Everyone has best friends. What if they, one day found to be a false friend like Anjum. We can’t trust anyone these days. Especially girls must be more careful with their male friends. After reading the book, I got a feeling of being satiated from attending an awareness program. I thank the author for it. 

Rating 3/5

Disclaimer I won a review copy from The Tales Pensieve as part of Reviewers Programme. Register on #TTP for lots of #book fun and activities.