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Monday, March 25, 2013
Paperback: 353 pages
  • Publisher: Garnet Publishing (August 13, 2012)
  • Release Date:Sepember 1st, 2012
  • Genre:Historical Fiction, Politics, War, Family
  • Language: English

My Review

    Almond Tree is such a wonderful novel but when I first started reading some 40 pages of the novel, I really got bored  because there was this too many confusing characters in the book.I wasn't  sure where the story plot was moving.But after reading more and more pages I liked the book so much that I hardly could put it down.I was able to connect totally with the book.
Almond Tree is  a very sensational novel, rarely a novel would make you cry and realize the sufferings of other people in different parts of the world whose sufferings can not really be compared with our own.Here in this particular story the sufferings  endured by the Arabs because of the Jews are more than unimaginable and abominable.

The main character in the book is Ichmad and other notable supporting characters  in the book is Baba, teacher Mohammad and Professor Sharon.If it is not for Teacher Mohammad's intervention, Ichmad never would've thought about college.He would've become like his brothers struggling with his life.

Then there is professor sharon who hated him at first but later he became Ichmad's best friend.My favorite lines in the book is when Abu Ichmad loses control over prof sharon's false accusation."Did Hitler and the Nazis like the Jews?who liked the Jews?No one liked the Jews, but you fought back, even when everyone around you was trying to exterminate you.we Palestinians are like Jews" .There are many such thought provoking quotes in the book which i adore.

This beautiful novel also has a cute love story that doesn't lasts any longer as Ichmad's wife and his only true love Nora dies in an accident.He then marries a girl who is much younger than him only because of his parents pressure .Overall, I love the way the book ends.The friendship between Nora and Ichmad is so touching even when he has Yasmin ,his second wife  around him.It depicts how much he cares and loves his first love both in his heart and in his mind. This book is  like an autobiography of a great person who raises in life after many hardships.

My Thoughts I didn't like the way how he treated his second wife but it was absolutely uncalled for.He could have treated her much better.If first few pages were good, this book would have definitely become a wonderful creation with no flaws.Overall, I would say the author has brilliantly written this book.

Favorite quotes from Almond Tree

"Good things make choosing difficult.Bad things leave no choice".
"You cannot go back and make a new start but you can start now and make a new ending"
"Hatred is a self-punishment.Do you think they're feeling bad because you hate them?"

My Rating 4/5

Recommendation If you have read and liked autobiographies or have read war related books then this is the kind of book that you should definitely read next.

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