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Monday, March 25, 2013
The Crazy Algorithm of Love

Book published on:January 2nd 2013
Genre : Romance
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My Review

This is a very different novel, I can say because the story plot is very new and different from other novels. The main character in the book is Mouni and Sam. Mouni is a 25 year old software engineer by profession .She is a native Gujarati but she works in chennai, Tamil Nadu. 

Her best firend Ritu is a great friend to have for a lifetime. She is supportive, often comes to Mouni’s aid and she is also her only roommate. She shares everything with her. This is because she has a good experience with life.Ritu had previous breakups with her boyfriends. Samrat alias Sam is Mouni's client who works for a well reputed company abroad. Her boss is Rajesh who often behaves roughly with her for unknown reasons. The first half revolves mostly around Mouni’s issues with her boss Rajesh and her family trying to get her a groom.

After reading the second half, I felt like Mouni is not the best match for Sam. She doubts him very often. Sam does give up and surrender to her. She is also a bit egoistic, jealous when Sam is around Sarah and before, knowing Rebecca. But I also liked the fact whenever Mouni needs him he is always there for her no matter what. When Sam tells her not to accept Patrick's offer, she doesn't agree and breaks up with Sam.

But after that she learns Patrick is a fraudulent who stole Sam's company project without his acknowledgement, she realizes what she has done. This is a good turning point because Mouni's understanding with Sam is never stable before.So when she learns Patrick’s betrayal to his boss Rebecca. Then she along with Tarun and Binny make a plan to bring Patrick's true identity into limelight which ends up in his suicide. Of course, She is also sued by the company for hacking into his company account. Once again she runs for help but this time to Sam's father. But finally she says she is sorry. Then Sam forgives her, proposed to her two things-to be his partner in his own company and also in his life for which she agrees happily.

Finally the epilogue -after five years she becomes a more self-confident and responsible person. Over all, the story feels very fresh and real. I enjoyed very much reading this novel.

This is a nice read but I felt the only drawback in this story is it is like a typical hindi movie.

My rating

 If you have liked Chetan Bhagat's Two states, you will like this book too.Otherwise this is not a book for you.

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