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Friday, June 28, 2013
Ebook:120 pages
First published:May 30, 2013
Language: English
Genre:Young-Adult, General Fiction
Author:Jnana Hodson

Author Biography

Born and raised in the Midwest, Jnana’s career as a daily newspaper editor based him in Ohio, Indiana, Upstate New York, Washington State, Iowa, Maryland, and finally New England – all while writing poetry and fiction in his free hours.

He is the author of three published novels – Hippie Drum, Ashram and Subway Hitchhikers – and several poetry chapbooks. More than a thousand of his poems, stories, and essays have appeared in journals on five continents.
Jnana is a Quaker, poet, and novelist who lives in a former seaport in New Hampshire.

Book Description(via Smashwords)

They live together, more or less, on a hardscrabble farm. Some are college students; some, dropouts. One's an Army veteran and a few work full-time careers. They're drawn together by dreams of Peace and Love as much as cheap rent, even before dogs, cats, and chickens enter the picture. Of course you know them as hippies by their long hair and outrageous attire. But when their summer of mountain lakes and partying fades into winter, critical differences threaten their circle. Through it all, as the newest resident discovers in his quest for romantic recovery and companionship, one introduction leads to another, on the farm and in town, all eventually blossoming in delightful or bittersweet disclosures and wisdom the following summer. It's a private Woodstock to remember. Come, join the circle as Hippie Drum relives its magical dance and rhythm.   

My review

I had great expectations on Hippie Drum by Jnana Hodson , when i was initially drawn by the quite impressive and very inviting book description. The title of the novel also sounded good.And Another reason why i wanted to read this novel was that i haven't really read a novel about hippie's before.I wanted to know who they are and how is their lifestyle different from us.I was very much disappointed because i didn't find the story interesting to read at all.

The novel starts off well with our main protagonist DL.He has just completed his degree, and is offered a job as a photographer in a company through a referral, and who is also his friend, Nita . She also offers him a place to stay in their farm as they can split the rent with few others.Till this point, i was very well able to understand and absolutely relate with the characters well.But after crossing few more entertaining pages i wasn't able to like the novel.If atleast there was a little editing done, i think this novel would have come out as a fantastic ride.Now i will just say what i didn't like in the novel.

The characters in Hippie Drum  are just coming out of nowhere and they are almost throughtout the novel talking and talking that seems to be never ending.I felt like reading the script of a television soap opera. In almost all the novels i've read, i could point out my favorite characters.In this novel, i couln't point one. Overall, i would say the beginning was good and also well done,the ending was fine.I liked reading the book as it was very fast paced, but couldn't say i enjoyed reading it.My thanks to the author for notifying me about the free download of his novel on smashwords.

Rating 3/5

Excerpt from the novel

DL left the dining room in silence. Wink, playing a fine guitar in the barber chair, grinned
up and shook his head. “Bad scene, aren’t they?”
The goal of every heroin addict is to OD, one dealer had said. Did Diz want to overdose on
absolute cosmic intensity? DL still couldn’t help thinking of her from time to time. At this point,he was down to a couple of times a week, on average. At least it was no longer with constant yearning.
Then Mylin won the daily double at the horse track. Whiskey and beer, good cheer all
around. Some things are obligatory, even when you’re at the fringe of society.
DL fed his pet spider its second moth of the evening, though it was still working on the first.

The spider had just dropped in through a crack one night and stayed. DL admired the structure and flexibility of the growing web.

He heard a line from an English opera: A spider combs the air.
Perhaps his room was a universe he could comprehend.

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