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Wednesday, June 26, 2013
New Hope City
Paperback:158 pages
Release date: February 5th 2013        
Publisher:Dark Tales Great Lives, LLC (first published November 30th 2012)
Genre:Young- Adult, Crime-thriller,Fiction
Book Description
 Life in economically and socially collapsed America has taught 14-year-old Sunni Brown more than a few tough lessons 1) Life sucks, 2) People suck too, and 3) You can't trust your own flesh and blood relatives even if your ability to keep breathing, eating and living depends on them. Sunni's move to New Hope City, a town known more for its former glory than its current corruption, is supposed to give her a fresh start. But like so many things in Sunni's life, her fresh start is soiled by those seeking to exploit her. Corrupt cops. Ruthless gangsters. Ambitious youth with dreams of ill-gotten fortunes. They all seek to lift themselves at Sunni's expense. It's only Sunni's street smarts and a strong distrust of people that keeps her one step ahead. But not without a cost. Something is brewing inside her -- a bit of hate, a touch of rage and a large dose of righteous indignation. For Sunni, life in New Hope City is filled with injustice that she's powerless to fight. But when she crosses paths with a disillusioned cop, will her growing outrage and his desire to change a rotten city transform her from helpless victim to vigilante outlaw?
My review
After reading "After the darkness " four series by SunHi MistWalker , i presumed this novel would also be an okay read but i found it to be a very compelling read.New Hope City is a city where there is no hope for survival for young teenage girls despite their respective family backgrounds.What is so bothering is the cops who are assigned to protect these young girls from bad guys are the ones that are behind it.Young hookers turn up dead one by one.There is not a single soul that cares about it especially the cops and the detectives.

In this cursed city, we have our main protagonist,  Sunni,a 14 year old girl whose drug addict, abusive mother leaves her for her own good.It's not like sunny loves her mother but without her she doesn't know how else to survive alone in this cruel world where men are unreal and opportunistic.Now her survival is a big question mark,  she has someone to look after her that too a cop, a good cop.Like Sunny, Tony too has a very sad story, his young daughter Lauren who everyone thinks committed suicide by eating meth but that is not entirely true.Only Sunny has some answers to that.The question is will she answer him after what she has been through?

New Hope City is a touching story of a young prostiute who wants to live a normal life just like anyother girl.She is trying hard not to get back to her dark life as a prostitute while she very well knows that she is not really the owner of her own life as her Pimp Lucky wants her back to working, so he offers her to both study and work at the same time.But that is not she wanted.Going to school in the morning and working as a prostitute at night.

Sunni wants to live a normal life but it is not possible with all the bad guys threatening her.Her only hope now is Officer Gavilon, he also uses her for one primary reason, his daughter Lauren, which is crystal clear when he asks her to kill her pet for a silly mistake she does.But he is the only one who can help Sunny from the evil people more than Jin, her boyfriend , who also works for Lucky and his boss which i don't want to disclose because of spoilers.When a maid politely asks Lucky's Boss whether sunni is his daughter, anger welled up in me as he shamelessly tells her, sunni is his wife.It took me all my strength to read this very sensitive novel.I even took many breaks to finish reading this novel.

But at the end , all i could do was sympathise for sunni and the girls who were not destined to be prostituted.The truth is everything in the novel is so true that none of us can deny any of it.I don't know about other countries but this novel can very well be related with Asian countries to an extent.As for now, i want to know how Sunny is going to cope with officer Gavilon being gone, take revenge for his death and also the other young girls like her both living and dead.
 Rating 5/5

Excerpts from the novel

Sunni snaps her gaze to meet his ."What?"

"I could force you but i ain't...."

It takes Sunni a full three seconds to comprehend what Jin is saying;but when she does, she is furious,
"Then why don't you do it!Force me!Go ahead!Force me!"Sunni doesn't even try to conceal the hurt.

Jin remains nonchalant, even amused as Sunni goes ballistic."Calm down...I ain't gonna force ya'.I could, but i wouldn't do that to you."He emphasizes the word'you'as if there is something special about Sunni.

"Fuck you!"Sunni pushes past him and moves towards the stairs.Jin tries to grab her;but she yanks her arm away."The fuck off me!"She says as she quickly makes her way down the stairs and out of the barn.

“Sometimes secrets are all that’s keeping people together".

“Lies aren’t little things; they’re big…with big consequences. Now, someone has got to pay the price.”

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