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Tuesday, July 02, 2013
Blood Alley (The Highwayman #1)
Print Length: 227 pages
Publisher: Wisehart Entertainment (June 3, 2013)
Language: English
Genre:Horror, Mystery-thriller
Target Audience:Adults only

Author Biography:

David Wisehart wrote, directed, and produced the short film Bang, Virginia City: the musical, Endgame: a play in one act, the one-act opera The Other Wise Man, and Valentino: a play in verse. He produced James Cameron's Titanic Explorer, The Simpsons Wrestling, and other video games for Fox Interactive. For Philips Media he wrote four documentaries: The French Impressionists, The Art of the Czars: St. Petersburg and the Treasures of the Hermitage, Dutch Masters of the 17th Century, and Flight: The Universal Dream. He was a research assistant for The Aerospace Corporation. He received his B.A. in Film and Television from UCLA, and was the Review Editor for the UCLA Daily Bruin. During high school he programmed computers for NASA.

Book Description:

Buckle up for a high-octane, pulse-pounding thrill ride...

Could you survive a haunted highway?

Blood Alley is the deadliest road in America.

Some call it a death trap. Others say it's haunted. Only the locals know the truth...

Blood Alley belongs to the Highwayman, a vengeful phantom who drives his ghost car at night to claim the souls of all who cross him.

A group of teens on their way to a funeral get delayed by engine trouble and ignore the warnings:

Don't drive Blood Alley at night!

Four teenagers hit the road at sunset.

Will any survive to see the dawn?

My review

Those who know me well also know i am a huge fan of novels that normally fall under this genre.So obviously, you can come to a conclusion that i liked this novel but can't say I am a fan .Now about the story plot.

Blood Alley by David Wisehart is about four teenagers who head to a town that is haunted by a Psycho killer formerly known as highwayman, a ghost only to attend a funeral.They ignore people's warning but they soon realise that they are not just rumours.There is no way out.Now the question is how long they will be able to survive the bloodthirsty highwayman.

There is one girl in the group who has a very strong history with him which is why they are lucky to have not killed right away.He wants her to get to him.When she finally learns the truth between her and the highwayman, she has already encountered major losses in her life.

In this novel, Trevor's death was the least i expected  but the final twist to Claire's past with the highwayman was a real spot on.There were some flaws in the novel, like for example, in several sentences(page 109) were words retyped again and also for a person who is a  die hard fan of horror movies and novels will be a bit disappoined because of the story  that is not so scary when compared to the very promising title. Despite that, i could say i enjoyed reading the novel, and also looking forward to reading all the future series.

Overall, this is a very fast paced horror novel which captivated and gripped me from the beginning .I am so glad to have won the novel from a giveaway a few days ago.I was planning to read another novel but dropped it as the pages were really less in this novel.And also thought i would love this more.So did I.This is a good read.

I recommend this novel to all readers who  would love a medium scary horror novel that is  very easy and also quick to read.

My rating:3.5/5

Excerpt from the novel:

Charger barked and barked, with rising intensity.

Stanley checked his speedometer. He was still going 55 miles per hour. The other guy must
have been going 90.

What’s your damn hurry?The black car hurtled straight for the tanker truck. It wasn’t passing.

They were going to hit.


Stanley accelerated, but the black car was nearly on him.

The headlights disappeared from view.

Stanley gripped the steering wheel tight with both hands, bracing for impact, but—


The dog turned in frantic circles on the seat, barking and growling.

Stanley checked both mirrors. He couldn’t see the car, and Charger’s mad antics weren’t

“What the hell?”
The black car honked as it emerged from the back wall of the sleeper berth.
A ghost car,

Stanley realized, too late. It didn’t look like a ghost. It looked real, but could pass through metal.

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You can also tweet to him@davidwisehart
This book is now available as an ebook  on Amazon Blood Alley (The Highwayman)


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