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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Paperback:196 pages
Publisher: Createspace
Published on: February 2013
Genre: Non-fiction/Self-Help Business
Author Link :Website
Buy Links: Amazon US B&N

Book Description

The Lifestyle Business Rockstar!: Quit Your 9 -5, Kick Ass, Work Less, and Live More!

The Lifestyle Business Rockstar is a guide to prioritizing your life and achieving work-life balance by starting a lifestyle business. A ‘lifestyle business’ is easy to setup, small in scope, simple to scale, and secondary to your life goals. Rasmus teaches how to break free of your 9-5 job, discover the lifestyle business idea that is right for you, design and build a profitable online business, and spend more time pursuing your life’s passions.
“You don’t need a fortune to start your own business - if you model it correctly, you can have a true balance of money, time, and mobility to live the lifestyle you desire,” said Rasmus. “This book provides the knowledge to live the lifestyle you want—not just in theory, but in practice. By implementing several simple tools like the Rockstar Trifecta, you’ll learn how to create a work-anywhere profession in which you can earn more income by working smarter and less.”
Rasmus shares his own journey to successful lifestyle businesses and the experiences of others who have created profitable online businesses. The businesses include consulting, coaching, speaking, ecommerce, and graphic design.
Rasmus lives the talk, only working 3-4 months a year and spending most of his time pursuing his passions, traveling, and with his family.

My review

The central theme of “The Life Style business Rockstar” is doing things the way we have desired and/or imagined in our minds . But most of the time considering the fake reality,  we sacrifice them because of the silliest reason possible-our 9-5 monotonous job resulting in utter boredom.

Attitudes like these are the major impediments to opening up our very own business whether it is offline or online. Sometimes people are likely to be stopped halfway through considering the fear of failure. Then what shall we do to overcome this four letter word, "fear"?

Just you know this book will not teach you, “How to Become a Rock star? “Yes, you heard it right. That’s exactly the author says on the introduction page. Seeing life at a whole new perspective, to be more precise, in an innovative manner is what this book is about.

In his debut book, Rasmus Lindgren educates the readers on how to live like a rockstar not just experience it while running an online business successfully at the same time having fun to the fullest. Now who doesn’t want to live a rock star life? I do. And also,  I think everybody does as it is associated with ultimate fun and entertainment. The whole world wants to be a rockstar.

Taking a break from our daily routine and going for a long vacation with our loved ones is not a bad idea unless we don’t ponder a lot and worry about the thought of losing our jobs or a cut in our respective salaries . The job we have today may seem to have gotten the security and the potentiality to compensate almost every expense such as housing, medical, electrical, children’s schooling, etc. 

We realize this is not the actual case once our work life nearly comes to an end. At that moment, we will know our whole life has been a lie and we have compromised it for the sake of nothing. How true these words are …………  Remember Tooth fairy tales, Easter Bunny and Santa Claus??? These are all the few of the many best examples that the author gives. This book is a real eye opener. It facilitates us to enjoy the present as well as think for the future.

Inside the book, the keyways are so simple while the examples of companies like Amazon and Zappos, and real life rockstars like him and two others (Yamille and Johny cupcake) boosts up the confidence,  interest  and energy level among any tiring readers. The highlight  of the book is the four business models the author discusses listing its pros and cons of his own in detail.

The author's writing is more captivating than the illustrations we find on each chapter. Unlike other non-fiction books, this book will not bore the readers even for a tiny bit. There are lot of brainstorming exercises and questions to make your brain working. Besides that, this is a very practical book. I would say this book is definitely a layman’s guide for setting up an online business and an easy approach to live an extraordinary life which benefits us and those living around us.

Rating 5/5 

When you buy this book,  you will receive a free bonus training kit. Do not forget to claim it by visiting the provided link. It consists of:
  •       3 in depth training videos
  •     the lifestyle business passion finder
     Disclaimer  The book was received in exchange for an honest review.


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THANKS for sharing...sounds interesting.

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Periodical Gazette said...

Thanks for stopping by:) I will check yours soon !!

Rasmus Lindgren said...


Thank you for your honest review of my book :). I'm super excited that you liked it!

- Rasmus

Periodical Gazette said...

You're most welcome, Rasmus. Your book deserves to be liked by all :)