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Saturday, January 30, 2016
28118108No.of pages : 184
Publisher : Dreamsblooms Media
Published on : December 4th 2015
Genre : Fantasy, Fiction
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My review

One good book is equal to 100 friends but one good friend is equal to a library(Courtesy-Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam). Truly, this book turned out to be more than that. This book is a good friend. The book may revolve around octopuses, other sea living creatures like Jelly fish, starfish, archer fish, etc and humans too but the message it conveys to the readers is told in an ecstatic manner. We, as a reader, are able to comprehend the good and the bad from the beginning of the novel. The readers are educated through this book whether what we are doing is right or wrong. 

Sometimes we think we are doing the right thing but for other people or some people it is as if we are doing the bad thing.For example, take a murderer or acid attacker. He thinks he is doing the right thing by murdering people or attacking people with acid because he hates them. Enough of my rambling. Now let me get into the heart of the novel.

Jella raised by Mimico, her mentor is the right ruler of Zypher. She has two friends named Bingo and Qwerty. Her father who was the king of Zypher was killed by Chiro , a demonic character. Now the city Zypher is under his control. Jella has to win the battle and recapture the city which belonged to her father once and free people who belong to the kingdom of Zypher and her siblings who have been captivated by evil chiro in Jail. Will she do it? She doubts her capacity but Mimico has full faith on her. He fought the battle with Nomura, a giant jelly fish and lost because of cheating on Chiro’s part.

She is the only alive Jellopus. They gain more power saving the lives of others and killing the life of others. Chiro belongs to the Malojels category. They chose killing. This is the only difference between Jellopus and Malojels. Jellopus save lives while Malojels destroy lives.Jella is able to take back time and see what happened in the past and stop a disaster from occuring. Here I want to question the author, why couldn’t she go back to when her father was killed and save him and her siblings. 

Tarjo could have saved himself, since that day Chiro was a guest he died a brave death and he doesn’t want to interfere with Chiro.Jella has 999 siblings.Not all octopuses are Jellopus Her father told Mimico, only Jella is a Jellopus. What happened to her siblings is a calculated guess, they are in Jail. Some of them may have been killed by Chiro is one point of view.

The whole point of the novel is about doing the right thing. When we do the right thing, the world will be a safest place to live and we will no longer compare earth and heaven anymore.
Merjella is a meticulously written book. Though it is a fantasy story, we can learn good values.

“No pain, No gain” is a famous proverb. If we keep on killing animals to satisfy our selfish desires for eating purposes, how will we gain real wisdom and how can we act humane?.Killing and hurting comes from the Evil one.This is a message, it struck me hard throughout the book and I kept on recalling as I am a non-vegetarian who felt guilty eating it always when I ate particular non-veg like chicken and mutton.

So I strongly agree what Merjella did to Ryan Catchmore(what a strange name)two times was right. He deserved to feel the pain. I imagined what if we, the humans were low life, animals ruled us and killed us and ate us for breakfast, lunch and dinner, How would we feel?

This kind of thinking itself gives us shivers and we dread it.This is what we are doing this to the animals since our ancestors days. There is no real proof that God really told us to eat some animals as food. It is also a living being. Is it cursed more than us if so why? Since the animals don’t speak we take them for granted. This is the case all over the world.

In each chapter we learn factual information about octopuses and other general knowledge. It was very thoughtful of the author. But as a reader I would have liked these information at the end of the novel because it was kind of distracting me from reading further. This is only my opinion and other readers may have a different opinion than mine.

Who is Marina?What business she has with Jella?How did Jella become Merjella(Marina and Jella)?How did Jella gain her powers?Marina along with Jella did they accomplish their goals?What is pro-dog?Why Jella said, the boss is very furious to the Mayor’s ears? Why did Jella create a Kingdom, seasorg with the help of Ryan?What happened to Mimico? Did Jella take over Kingdom of Zypher finally?

If you read the book, you will know the answers. There are some flaws and it rarely matters to the readers who think like me. What can the readers learn from this novel? Common sense and united we stand and divided we fall.

Title and the cover design

I praise whoever made this cover design wholeheartedly. It looks spectacular and gels with the story absolutely. The front cover and the back cover was decorated with Paper quiling. I kept on looking at it over and over again. To state in a few words, it is fabulous. The title of the novel is just perfect as the story is about Marina and Jella.

PS : The cover page illustration, that is the Quilling work and digital design work was done by Ayobola Kekere. It is mentioned in the Book's credits section. Hats off to her for her tremendous creativity which helped her throughout the designing process.

Rating 3.5/5

Excerpts from the novel and my views

“A killer only knows to kill for reasons known only to him. The killer instinct is the quality one exhibits naturally with a strong urge to win but not kill”. Wow. Well said.

In the above quote, killer can be replaced with the word hurter. It gels with today’s corrupted society.

Red indicates heat and violence-the color of blood. Looks like two days weren’t enough to bring calmness to your mind, Mr. Deimos.’After saying that Smith looked at Marina and asked, ‘whatis your favorite color, madam?’
‘Green!’ She was quick with her answer as if she had long been expecting the question.
‘That’s a lovely choice, lady-the color of life. I wish you a long life, Mrs.Deimos,’ said Smith, he slightly looked at Deimos and continued, Of course, with your beloved husband.’

What kind of trick was the Mayor playing?

They are innocents because they don’t do deliberate killings and they are not licensed to. They would not resort to taking other’s lives even if their lives were endangered.’
‘So you call them innocence because of their non-aggressive stance?’
‘Aggressive or Non-aggressive! They don’t know how to harm. They don’t know how to kill. They don’t play out of the law. They stick to values. They are innocents no matter what you call them. And they need to be protected’.

I loved Merjella’s way of thinking .The difference between Ryan’s thinking and Merjella’s was quite entertaining to read. It was full of fun and very educating. Knowledge is power. The different views of various knowledgeable people with abundant wisdom is very much needed to arrive at our own conclusion.

‘ I foresee something terrible for tomorrow, Mimico. The baby you are holding is the one who is going to save the world. Remember, she is the chosen one, Mimico.In  twenty moons, she will turn into a powerful jellopus  and destroy evil of every form,’ said Tarjo.’
‘Funnel of God!’ exclaimed Ryan.
‘Yes!Your e-netcatcher is their funnel of God! And your hotel Gillover will be called God’s restaurant, ‘added Merjella.

The unawareness of the sea living creatures was indeed very sad. We humans are like this we think life is greener at other side. Is it not?

‘Oh, oh, you issue paper currencies, you dump all unwanted articles in the name of fashion, and then  you take away pearls!’

What a total jerk, Ryan was. A rather foolish and selfish jerk.

‘Wait!You are not Berta!’ remarked Qwerty.
‘ I am Berta!’said Berta.’
‘Yes! Not your brother Berta!’
‘Berta!’ called Qwerty.
Berta turned back and looked at Qwerty as if asking her what she wanted.
‘But your purple tail'. 
'Mine is yellow actually. I got this purple-colored tail polish from the market and onlyrecently applied it. They said girls get attracted to purple. They also said you are a girl.’
Bingo could not stop laughing. And so did everyone else in the gathering.

I laughed at this joke too.

‘I’m Russel Bond. I was once greedy. My greed was to live a luxurious life alone. I chose this beautiful island. I picked my staff with utmost care. But I made  one mistake. One wrong person I aligned with. He was like a son to me. And all he did was to prove to me that my desires are indeed of greed. I lost my peace. Thanks for the help, Marina.’

I liked the sweet ending.


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Nicely written. My take from book -

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Thanks for stopping by. I read your review too. It's wonderful. It was short and crisp.Will be stalking your blog from now on. It's a great pleasure to meet fellow Indian bloggers like you.:) :)