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Saturday, September 03, 2016

No.of pages : 260
Publisher : Hay House India
Published on : 2013
Genre : Crime, Non-fiction
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I appreciate author Rajesh Talwar for his genuine effort in letting the readers know more about the Nirbhaya case and what triggered other nations to telecast and write articles in this particular issue and why her gang rape stands out amidst other gang rape cases. Nirbhaya's brother said how difficult for him to watch one of the accused laughing in court. I was deeply disgusted by this behavior of the accused.  In the book, the sections under which the male will be booked are clearly laid out in a simple manner so that we can have a partial view of the law but how many days will the accused be caught and justice will be given to the victims is a million dollar question. It was shocking , the 181 helpline for women in distress received 56 complaints of acid attacks then think about the rest of the cases.Stalking is also now a crime which is added in New crimes against women and girls along with Voyeurism. 

I read an article where 25 men repeatedly raped a school going girl recently in North India and before(a few years ago) a woman was held captive and raped by 40 men in Kerala. Inside the book I read about a 14 year old girl who was raped in her apartment when she was alone by her own father. Four cases of rape within 24 hours. Do we know how many today? what is happening in tne minds of the Indian men?The author intelligently argues should we worry about them or about our children who may be exposed to these predators.  In Verma committee report, interview with a trafficked girl, marital rape, delay in bride burning case will shake all parents with female children reading the book. Why not special rape courts be built, this intrigued me. It is an urgent need of the hour. In initial chapters as the author says, the justice system is inefficient all through but  it is true, there is greater  public interest in the anti-rape law specifically.How to strenghthen it is given.

The chapter courting justice and solution states what needs to be done.The author has a valid point in the epilogue, even the capital has not experienced adequate improvement on safety issues then how about other states. I agree with him that the time has come as we have enough laws in our country. Are all rape cases truly reported as it is? and I was deeply shocked why Nirbhayas true name cannot be given to new anti-rape laws. I am irritated,  how can the government be this insensitive to the issue and say 'We don't have money' if there is no money they can beg from the rich who pay less tax. I will now talk about what the author failed to say in this book about technology and fashion, the root cause for rape. 

My thoughts

So to be on the safer side I will talk only about my religion. Let us go back to ancient time when Adam and Eve were created by the supreme being.  Adam and Eve were told not to eat a fruit from a particular tree. But Eve was tempted by the cunning snake so she ate the fruit then gave it to Adam as she wanted a partner in crime ir she didn't want to be punished alone(there is rumor that Eve had sex with the Demon). But God punished Eve more than Adam. Eve gave birth to all her children with a painstaking process. This is History and the rest is Mystery. It is believed because of Eve all women around the world bear children with excruciating pain whether it is through normal delivery or caesarian section. Due to technological advancement now there is epidural invented specially for women to relief their pain during child birth. Does the pain of women stop here?No. Domestic violence, marital rape, groping, molestation, rape, murder, gang rape, we can go on and on.

In India alone how many rape cases are reported on a daily basis. The trauma a female encounters cannot be expressed through mere words. Don’t these men who involve in such indecent activity have any better job to do?Are they really jobless?In most cases, the answer is a big “No”. Then how can they be so much interested in indulging in sickening activities such as this?Don’t they all have some women in their life whom they respect?

If I am correct, majority of the men in some parts(like north India) of our country consider women as well as young girls as sexual objects. What made them to think this way? The movies. Women are shown in a very bad light. The item songs, all those glamorous clothes that the female actress wears in the name of fashion in movies all contribute to the men’s negative attitude towards other women(sometimes excluding their girls and women). Just compare the rape cases happened in yesteryear with today. Yes, the solution is simple. In those days, women were worshiped not because of their beauty but more because of the way they dressed. They were compared to goddesses. Now this has changed upside down. They call it modernization of films(competing with hollywood) which is utter stupidity it is like pouring kerosene on one’s body and letting fire burn it up and then asking how did this happen.

Films lay a solid foundation for rape and gang rape. As a female residing in Tamil Nadu, I am not sure why skin show by actresses are needed in films. Are the directors and producers think only then their movies will be successful? What is the need for songs and item songs(specifically a bollywood actress went under the knife for breast enlargement) when the actors and actresses don’t give their voice to it? There is no logic behind most Indian films. Not only English films, Indian films too meddle with the minds of the people especially the men. It does more harm than good. How to differentiate a good film from a bad film?Many will find this concept creepy if they don’t let me put it in words, can a mother and father are able to watch movies together with their children?If the answer is a “No”, then the film is bad as it may show violent contents or romantic scenes between the lead actor and actresses.

Men will be men. Women will be women. Thus it is very necessary the women wear clothes that doesn’t tempt men. Our country is different from other countries. Hence it is nearly impossible to solve the root causes of rape cases, if actresses say yes to nude, semi-nude dress code, lip locking and too many romance scenes in their films. More films for children must be encouraged as women and young girls even a 28 days old baby is raped in India. What are the men saying??? What they say is 80 % true. In Nirbhaya’s case too one of the accused who raped her said the same thing, the clothes she wore tempted him. This is one part of the rape story.

Another part is rape of young girls as below as 10 years. Remember the Noida case. The criminal cooked the raped girls body parts and ate it. How gruesome. Though India stands in the fourth place and USA in the first place in rape cases, giving due attention to crime rates and making a simple strategy to eradicate them. No more rape cases in India. This is my dream and this is same for all of my sisters.

What needs to be done ?

Proper management of the country’s affairs are honestly neglected by the government. There are roadside dwellers, beggars menace, and child labor(I have seen them in my place near a restaurant), trafficking of young girls and women, etc. What are the respective authorities doing? They are probably having fun and enjoyment with their families. The government pays a handsome salary for this reason. Why are the extremely poor people left unnoticed? We see them very often. It is simply upsetting some women carry their baby and ask for money. A thought came to my mind, why do they have to marry if they don't have money to live. It is indeed a simple task for the government to improve the standard of living of these people in all over India but the irony of the government is it makes a simple activity into a complex activity. 

We lack judges compared to China so the government should build more courts to solve all cases in particular to cases that involves women and young children as a victim. We still need more fast track courts that is able to solve a case within one month.and education, health, home, safety to all must be given top priority by the government by 2030. Unemployment is a major problem in India. What will the men do if they are free all the time? They will also be directly driven to do petty thefts, engage in big criminal activities such as kidnapping, murder, rape as their minds are corrupted. The art of good parenting is compromised as poverty makes people to work odd jobs and in a middle class and upper class family office work dominates if both parents work. Here there is no care and affection given to children in majority of cases.

Most men think cooking and washing clothes is a women’s primary duty. What else is women’s duty? Who started this myth none of us are sure. All I can say is that the attitude of atleast 45% men should definitely change as it is a form of unhealthy culture. Upon seeing their partner, they should remember this , their mother and sisters are also women. If men respect women then women will respect them. Talking about Feminism and male chauvinism will automatically diminish. Is it not?where India is a good example to other nations, when will this dream of mine become true!? 

My verdict 

Nirbhaya , Gudiya and all other rape cases including new crimes against women are tragic and overtly alarming but how many are still unknowingly waiting in queue to get raped and gang raped by men folk????in the futuristic point of view. Read the book to have insights about everything you need to know about the laws protecting the female in our country but ironically the remote is in the hands of the government and the Judge to put a halt to the recurrence of this issue. Overall, this book is an enlightening read.  I am happy that a male author has come forward to talk about this burning issue in India.

Rating 3.5/5

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