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Sunday, September 25, 2016
29281434No.of pages : 125 pages
Publisher : Notion press
Published on : February 15th 2016
Genre : Erotica
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My review

This book is an absolute shocker because the author has shared some revelation about married people in well-to-do family. Their lust for the opposite sex is told with downright honesty.The BNO-Sex, life and hookah is a great book discussing the thoughts(mostly sex thoughts) that is going on in the minds of the nine protagonists- some of the middle aged wives, the husbands and a young slut who should not be called as a slut as there is no sex involved with her customers unless the girl wishes to.

As the book blurb goes the story is about eight men, two girls and one boys’ night out in a restaurant . One of the men in their gang of friends have arranged two sluts from Ajay who is a professional pimp.

The characters I liked the most and did not like at all

Of all the nine characters in the book if I have to pinpoint which character I liked the most was Venkatesh. He is heterosexual but has a feminine side to him. He is decent enough not to stray and betray his wife’s immense trust in him. While all the other guys played with the sluts he was being very quite observing his friends toying around with the sluts. It was so nice of him to help his friend who was in trouble. But it was gross when he was top on Rohan , one of his best friends and was trying to have sex with him.

Sheena the most desirable woman after Neha was abused by one of the men in the gang. I don’t know how the abuser was able to betray his pregnant wife and make a horrible choice which he will regret later. The guy who tops my hater’s list was Suyash and being a manipulator, and a total jerk how can be so sure that his daughter likes him more than her mother. His daughter's reply to her friend is a slap on his face. Men like him should be never forgiven. A man who has a daughter or daughters wouldn’t go to parties with hookers involved who are two decades younger than him.

My thoughts

In my 25 years of life living in South India I have never come across such persons as mentioned in the book. This may be due to my lack of awareness on my part . So the reaction I had after reading or while reading the book was knowing some harsh truths of the persons I have come across or of the persons who I am daily speaking to.

The other side of the married people was simply yucky. But all I can say is that I also found traces of myself in the book. Everyone reading this book may find the traces of themselves-the part they have hidden from the world. I am very sure of it. People have to accept they are not chaste like a nun or a monk but mere married or unmarried humans born because of sex after the wedlock by their parents.

When I was studying in an Anglo Indian school in Trichy(I was in 12th standard that time), there were three sections that split the students namely computer science group, biology group, and commerce group. I come under the section commerce group. One day the teachers of biology group made an arrangement to let the students know the reproduction process. They made the 1st rank holder in ‘B’ section to speak to the crowd of more than 170 students and four or five teachers. 

The girl stumbled with her words many times mostly talking to the board as she was very shy. The girl would have been married by now. This book came as a revelation that all women and men are not Saints. They are unfaithful to their spouses some times. Like the fantasy dream of Riddhima by being fucked by her hot driver but chanting prayers three times a day to ask God for forgiveness. I feel everybody is like that.

Rating 3.5/5

My verdict

The author has real guts. After all he would not have published this book if he hadn’t. What I found distracting the otherwise remarkable story was the sentences and phrases in brackets. In many places, it wasn’t needed. The author should have trusted a good editor or he should have proofread it himself and have told the editors to remove the brackets in the initial pages. 

The lines from the book, Alice in Wonderlad in each of the character introduction to the readers was very thoughtful . I felt there is no need for that to be included in the book. 
There are very few typographical error like instead of ‘their’, ‘they’ was used. Overall, the initial chapters readings gave me a feeling as if I am reading a pornography book but the later half gave me a feeling there are really trustworthy and faithful spouses too in this world who will not stray and give up on their spouses even when knowing their infidelity.

Disclaimer  I won this book in 'The Tales Pensieve' giveaway.