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Monday, October 24, 2016
31675691No.of pages : 462
Publisher: Harmony River Press
Publishing date :10th November 2016
Genre: Romance
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My review

I have read plenty of foreign books but this novel is the best of them all because of the attachment I had with the characters. They felt very real. Even though to me New York is a country that I haven’t visited yet, through this novel I was able to arm chair travel while reading the book. As this is a 462 pages long book, without my knowledge, I was fully absorbed by the sentiments of the main protagonists.This book came as a breath of fresh air to me. I have read so many novels written by foreign authors, but I was rarely attached to any of the characters displayed in the novel. Poet of the wrong generation is such a unique book that left me flabbergasted in each and every chapter. It was a thrilling experience for me to find out what is going to happen next.

There was never a dull moment in the book. I kept on turning pages and pages. It made me like every chapter of the novel. But the main put off for me was how did both Johny and Megan fell madly in love with each other in the first place. But still I loved the book as the book was very fast moving making me forget this flaw and all. The book is a great entertainer. I haven’t read this kind of novel by a foreign author ever if I have to recall when I was studying my bachelor’s degree, I read one novel by Deborah Smith, but this novel is the best . Hence, I thank author Lonnie Ostrow for generously providing me a copy of this wonderful book for me to review. It was an absolute joy reading this book.

The novel is set in 90’s. It is a betrayal love story. What if your lover one day turned you down. It will hurt you badly if you loved them honestly. This novel is about the source which made Megan Price daughter of New York’s most powerful PR woman to ditch her faithful and loyal partner, Johny and the reasons why she did it..

People who have read this novel before me may dislike Megan’s villainous mom but I didn’t because she wanted to make her daughter’s life much easier. This doesn’t make her villainous at all. She thought the best life she can gift her daughter is by separating her from Johny. I firmly agree with her. As a mother she wanted to give the best to her children. It doesn’t make her bad. Not only mothers, even the fathers are like that. Every parent not only in foreign countries, even in India, parents are like that. Above all, which parent wants their daughter to divorce her husband at a young age and marry multiple partners or be proud of her children living a lonely , melancholy life..All parents wish is that their children to enjoy a blissful married life. Who knew Katherine price's perceived notion will backfire? 

Please do not think it is my hate for Johny that makes me like Katherine Price. He is a nice guy.It is just that he didn’t have a decent job ( he was just a college student) to support Megan in the beginning. This triggered Katherine’s egoistic nature. Thus I enjoyed Johny’s success as a songwriter and singer. If Megan didn’t ditch him he wouldn’t have become a rock star. So thank God for that.

The sudden twists and turns of events in the novel made me sad, angry,  happy and shocking. The ending part was very romantic. I didn’t expect such an ending. 'Money doesn’t buy happiness' is a strong message that the readers will learn via this novel because of this reason, it deserves a place in everyone’s household.  We learn about Johny’s success and failure and everything in the book especially the readers after reading the book may start pitying the celebrities. We learn the true meaning of life through Megan and Johny’s musical love story. Be prepared to find out spookily accurate meaning of life. 

My rating 5/5

My verdict  

After a long time I am giving a fiction book 5/5 rating so that says it. The highlight of the book is all the poems found in it. So hats off to author Lonnie Ostrow for all the hard work put into publishing this marvelous novel. 

Excerpts from the book

" You trust me, Meg?" Seeing her nod , he pressed on, "Have I ever given reason to doubt me?"-Johny

What do ya mean?I trust you more than anyone. You know that. Why'd you ask?

"If you're asking if men intimidate me, no. Except for my soon-to-be-ex-husband, I get on fine with every guy I've ever known. As long as we mesh musically, I'm cool."-Lauren

"Get up, you spoiled princess!" He moved around her in a raging semi-circle." Quit being damn' useless!"-Gerry

She took a volunteer job working part-time with battered woman. Other people's problems 
were surely easier to solve than her own- Megan

Disclaimer  An advance review copy was provided to me by the publisher and I thank them.